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  • From the land of what-might-have-been

    Pavan, 13 April 2018

    Happy to see societal attitudes towards LGBT are changing in India among elites. The progress is minimal accounting huge population in India. Hopefully, more people are responding and creating awareness about homosexuality and rights associated with it, SC recriminalization and struggles for recognition.
    Iam a Closeted homosexual in a small telugu...

  • Running home

    K SHESHU BABU, 12 April 2018

    A poignant story

  • Studies in the psycho-pathology of culture

    K SHESHU BABU, 09 April 2018

    Good satirical piece

  • Discipline and punish

    K SHESHU BABU, 08 April 2018

    The overt decision of muzzling freedom of press has backfired. Now, the ruling party is planning to curtail online news media reportage by appointing a monitoring committee. This could be a covert version of the efforts to curb dissent and freedom of press

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  • Sujata Madhok, 05 May 2016

    Relieved to learn that Kanak Dixit has been released and is better. Wish him and Himal all the best. I am sure you will carry on undeterred. In solidarity,

    Sujata Madhok, Delhi Union of Journalists

  • FUKUNAGA Masaaki, 29 April 2016

    Strong solidarity with Mr. Kanak Mani Dixit who is the founding editor of the Himal.
    When I visited Kathmandu, it became very indebted.
    Calculate the release of Dixit's immediate.
    To protest the unfair intervention in the media by the government.

  • Important resource for intellectuals, students

    Dr Arshad Javed Rizvi, 04 November 2015

    I am a frequent reader of HIMAL SOUTHASIAN and believe that it is one of the very important resources for intellectuals, scientists, educationalists as well as students. It enhances and contributes reliable, scholarly knowledge of contemporaneity Southasia for everyone.

  • Himal in the classroom

    sonali sathaye, 20 July 2015

    I teach Sociology to the Class 11s and 12s and regularly use Himal in the classroom. I find it an excellent resource because while the research and analysis is typically subtle and nuanced, the writing is clear and direct, making issues immediately accessible to 17 year olds. Moreover, Himal features, directly or indirectly, many of the issues that...

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