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Looking back on Bhutan

Looking back on Bhutan


As Bhutanese voters get ready to go to the polls on 18 October 2018 in what will be the young democracy’s third parliamentary elections, we take a look back at our extensive coverage of the Himalayan kingdom over the years.

Read our explainer on the upcoming elections here.

From the archives:

Kanak Mani Dixit’s comprehensive longform piece on Bhutan’s Lhotshampa question – ‘The dragon bites its tail’: Part I | Part II | Part III (July 1992)

Aletta Andre on Bhutan’s 2013 elections and the struggle of stateless Lhotshampas. (October 2013)

Reena Mohan on the challenges faced by filmamakers in Bhutan. (September 2013)

T P Mishra on resettlement and naturalization for Bhutan’s Lhotshampas. (January 2015)

Ross Adkin on civil service hopefuls in Bhutan and the country’s contemporary literary culture. (August 2016)

Dawa Gyelmo on how collection of a fungus known as cordyceps, or ‘fungus gold’, generates both cash and controversy. (February 2016)

A short story from Bhutan by Gopilal Acharya. (September 2016)

From our Archive:

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