Far from home

Far from home

By Sarita Ramamoorthy and Laxmi Murthy

A photo essay on Nepali women migrants in India.

25 Years of Archives

The road to elections in Bangladesh Photo: Pixabay

The road to elections in Bangladesh

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As Bangladeshi voters get ready for their 11th parliamentary elections on 30 December 2018, we take a look back at our coverage of Bangladesh over the years.

Read our explainer on the upcoming elections over here.

From the archives: 

Khademul Islam on Bangladesh’s English language literature over the years. (October 2015)

Southasian culture and political commentator Garga Chatterjee presents a West Bengali’s perspective of the Bangladeshi diaspora. (October 2015)

Salil Tripathi writes on Bangladesh’s freedom of expression and the assault on three bloggers Lalmatia, Dhaka that lead to the death of Faisal Deepan, one of Avijit Roy’s publishers in Bangladesh. (October 2015)

Naomi Hossain on Bangladesh’s natural disasters that have shaped political consensus on development in the country. (January 2017)

In an article titled ‘Anti-politics of climate change‘, Development Sociologist Kasia Paprocki explores the depoliticisation of climate change and the historic reasons that made Bangladesh vulnerable to it. (November 2016)

Zia Mian and M V Ramana analysis on Bangladesh’s first nuclear power plant and why it is not a good way to meet its energy needs. (August 2016)

Prashanta Tripura on the official position against indigeneity undermines Bangladesh’s ‘adibashi’ minorities. (March 2017)

Colin Long on the international support for trade unionism in Bangladesh. (February 2017)

Tanveer Reza Rouf comments on the internet and the space it has created to form an important kinship within the Bangladeshi gay community. (July 2013)

A review of Jeremy Seabrook’s ‘Song of the Shirt’ by Vijay Prashad. (October 2015)

From our Archive:

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