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Writing for Himal

How can I write for Himal?

Himal Southasian is a digital magazine that is interested in hearing from both established and new contributors. We do not have staff writers and rely solely on contributors for our content. If you are interested in writing about Southasia from a long-term perspective, get in touch with us.

We request potential correspondents to familiarise themselves with Himal’s extensive content available online before sending in query notes.

What can I write for Himal?

Himal Southasian, as its name suggests, covers all of Southasia. Your submission must be about Southasia or a part of Southasia or have a strong relevance to Southasia. Himal specialises in long, expository articles as well as shorter commentaries and analyses. What we seek are articles that have a regional impact and will be of interest to a wide audience in the region and around the world. We focus on all the member countries of SAARC as well as areas that have strong cultural and historical ties to the region, such as Myanmar and Tibet.

Himal’s range of articles includes analysis, reportage, reviews, opinions, interviews, photo features, fiction, as well as more personalised or unusual reflections. Our topics are as varied as is the Southasian region itself – economics, politics, culture, history and contemporary life.

Most of our long form articles – which could be narratives, reportages, analyses or essays – run between 2000 and 4000 words, depending upon the nature and content of the piece. But we occasionally carry longer articles, provided both the subject and writing are able to sustain the reader’s – and our editors’ – interest. Our commentary/analysis pieces are generally between 800 to 1500 words. These figures are all subject to the tone and subject of the pieces.

Although we welcome extremely localised stories, we place emphasis on uniquely connective and intra-regional reports and analysis on subjects not covered by mainstream media. We also provide a unique platform for debates on critical regional issues, encouraging research and argumentation.

As our readership is extremely diverse in background, specialisation and geography, the articles must engage both the specialists and non-specialists alike.

Moreover, Himal is also open-ended! Once you have gotten a feel for our approach and interests, feel free to surprise us with unique perspectives, focuses, correlations and suggestions. Our editorial staff will select the submissions.



How can I submit an article or an idea?

We welcome inquiries from prospective writers in all areas of our magazine’s coverage. You can send pitches of about one page, introducing the proposed article (300-600 words), along with your brief background (200 words) to [email protected] Please be patient if you do not hear from us immediately; Himal has a small editorial staff with a large workload.

I have submitted several ideas. Why have I not heard back from Himal?

It is possible that you may be submitting several ideas that are not suitable for Himal. We realise our submission guidelines are long but we expect potential contributors to familarise themselves with Himal. If you have sent multiple ideas that do not follow our guidelines we may have concluded that you are not really interested!

Can I submit videos, films, photos, and other multimedia content?

Feel free to include multimedia components such as graphics, photos, audio clips, or videos after confirming with your designated editor once your pitch has been accepted.


Acceptance of submissions and editing process

How soon will I hear from you if my article is accepted?

We make an effort to reply within two weeks but writers can remind us if they have not heard back within that period. Once accepted, we will let you know via email. The articles are then edited and played back as necessary. This usually involves a few rounds of editing, fact-checking and proofing. We ask writers to be available for regular email contact throughout this process or inform us if they have prior commitments.

Can I submit a revised version of the article I submitted earlier?

You can do so if your article has yet to be assigned to an editor for editing. Any additional material must be added only with the consent of the editor working on the article, and in response to specific questions. Please do not send us extensive revisions of your article as this would make the editing process cumbersome and time consuming.

Can I submit an article that has already been published once?

We publish only original articles and request the writers not to submit previously published works, or works that contain large sections extracted from previously published articles. Furthermore, we would like you to inform us at the outset if the submitted piece has been simultaneously sent for consideration elsewhere.

My article has been accepted by some other publication. How should I withdraw it from consideration?

You can contact us at [email protected] regarding this. Once the article is accepted for publication by Himal and the writer has consented to our use of the article, the article MUST be withdrawn from consideration of other outlets.

How do I know when my article will be published?

We cannot guarantee when an article will be published. We have an intensive editing process and often have multiple articles pending at any one time, so please be patient if it takes a few weeks for an article to be published. Let us know at the outset if there is any pressing reason for your article to be published earlier.


Exceptions and rejections

Can I submit a piece shorter or longer than 2000-4000 words?

Yes. Our commentary/analysis pieces are generally between 800 to 1500 words, although we welcome longer analytical pieces, too. As for articles above 4000 words, we can run them provided both the subject matter and writing are able to sustain the reader’s interest.

Why was my article rejected?

Himal is unable to provide lengthy answers to each correspondent because of the large volume of articles it receives. However, all articles and ideas are considered by more than one editor, ensuring a fair process of evaluation.

I need to publish this article by a given date. How do I go about that?

If an author requires publication within a certain time frame they are advised to inform the corresponding editor at the beginning of the editing process.


Copyrights and Payments

Who has the copyright?

Copyright remains with Himal unless otherwise agreed.

Are writers paid for contribution?

Payment scale for Himal articles averages between USD 100-150 unless otherwise agreed.

When are writers paid for contribution?

We begin processing payments at the end of each Gregorian month. If your article has been published in that month, we will contact you regarding the formalities related to payment. Please be patient as the rules governing Himal as a not-for-profit guarantee limited company, as well as laws governing foreign remittances, require some time for completion. If you don’t hear from us within two weeks from the end of the month, please contact us at [email protected]. If you have submitted all the relevant details to us but have not received the payment even after six weeks from that date, please alert us at [email protected].

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