Himal in the news

Himal in the news

Himal Southasia to Suspend Publication (Announcement by Southasia Trust on 24 August 2016). However, we will be regularly uploading articles from our print quarterlies and archives on the website. Watch this space!

A list of the coverage and comments following Himal Southasian‘s announcement to suspend the publication:

Coverage in English language media: 

The New Yorker: The slow strangulation of a South Asian magazine (20 December)

Committee to protect journalists: In Nepal, critical editor flees and journal’s funding is blocked (6 October)

Scroll.in: The target was Kanak Mani Dixit but the axe fell on ‘Himal Southasian’ in Nepal (25 September)

International Federation of Journalists (IFJ): Silencing through ‘regulation’ (Interview with Himal Southasian editor Aunohita Mojumdar) (12 September )

Media Power monitor: Why Himal is Leaving Nepal (6 September)

First Post: As Himal Southasian closes, a distinctive voice from the Indian subcontinent is lost (4 September)

Times of India: Himal Southasian magazine to suspend publication (3 September)

The news hubTroubling times for journalism in Nepal? (1 September)

Republica: Himal Southasian journal to pack up from November (30 August)

Exchange for media: Himal Southasian temporarily suspends publication (26 August)

Indian Express: Why Himal magazine was suspended in Nepal (26 August)

The Daily Star: Himal mag to go off print (26 August)

The InquilabistTroubling times for journalism in Nepal? (25 August)

The Wire: Nepali State Agencies Force Himal Magazine to Suspend Operations (25 August)

The Quint: Himal, Nepal’s ‘Voice of Sanity’, Forced to Suspend Publication (25 August)

The Hindu (Print): Himal magazine to suspend publication (25 August)

New Age: Publication of Himal Southasian to be suspended (25 August)

Scroll.in: Himal Southasian magazine to suspend operations (25 August)

Glocalkhabar: ‘Himal Southasian’ to suspend publication after November (25 August)

The Hoot: Himal suspends publication (24 August)

News Laundry: Himal Southasian announces suspension of its publication (24 August)

The Kathmandu Post: Himal Southasian magazine to suspend publication after Nov (24 August)

The Hindu (Online): ‘Himal’ Southasian magazine to suspend publication (24 August)

Republica: ‘Himal Southasian suspends publication’ (24 August)


Coverage in Nepali language media:

Nagarik: हिमाल साउथ एसियन ‘बन्द’ (25 August)

Thaha Khabar: ‘हिमाल साउथ एसिएन’ पत्रिकाको प्रकाशन बन्द, ‘माथिको दबाव’ ले बन्द गर्नुपरेको दावी (25 August)

Kantipur: हिमाल साउथ एसियाको प्रकाशन बन्द हुने (24 August)

Himalkhabar: ‘हिमाल साउथएशियन’ को प्रकाशन स्थगन  (24 August)

Baahrakhari: सरकारी निकायको असहयोगका कारण हिमाल साउथ एसियन पत्रिकाको प्रकाशन बन्द (24 August)



International Federation of Journalists (IFJ): Magazine suspends publication after bureaucratic harassment in Nepal (6 September)

Nepal Press Union (3 September)

Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development (Forum Asia)Nepal: Stop using bureaucracy to silence Himal Southasian (30 August)

La-Lit magazine (24 August)

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