Notes from the field

Notes from the field

‘Notes from the field’ is a reporting initiative, where we aim to carry the voices and stories of the people and places that have seen the devastation of the April 2015 earthquake in Nepal, and of those volunteers and relief workers who are in the front lines of aid operations. Through this effort, we will try to keep an active engagement with these individuals and areas so that the disaster relief and rehabilitation efforts get sustained attention in the long run. Click here to read the reports we have published so far.

Who we are:

What we do:
Profiles of individuals, communities and sites affected by the earthquake, as well as of the volunteers and teams involved in the rescue, relief and rehabilitation efforts. (500-800 words)

Vox pop (300 words per person)

Process reports that explain the how and why of aid delivery, the obstructions and difficulties involved, and the concerns the locals. (800-1000 words)

Situation report that assess the communities and camps in the immediate, medium or long term. (800-1000 words)

Interviews with officials and aid workers. (500-750 words)

Please send in your submissions at [email protected]