Now I am so tall

By Students from a children's home and Paul Aitchison

30 April 2012

Students from a children's home in Kathmandu share stories of how they got there, and where they want to go.


Rabina Regmi

My name is Rabina Regmi. I was born in 1997. I was born in the central, southern part of Nepal. My village is beautiful, full of forests and birds chirping here and there. Many small rivers are in my village. As a child, I read in class two. All the villagers called me names as a small girl because my height was less at that time but now I am so tall.

One day in Tihar [a Hindu festival] my mother told my daddy, “I will go meet my brother to get tika.” But my daddy disagreed. My mommy was angry with my daddy and she took me and my brother and we went to meet her brother. When we were in the bus in one place there was a clash between the Maoists. They threw a bomb at our bus, and at that time we were in the front seat. My daddy didn’t know we were in an accident. When he listened to the radio he knew we had an accident. And when he knew, as soon as possible, daddy took us to a hospital near India. We were badly injured. Me and my brother’s faces were burned, and my mother’s whole body was burned. After some days, mommy’s hand and leg swelled up. Me and my brother went to see our mother after an operation. Her face was so sad. She said to me go take rest. I went, I took rest. After I went she said to daddy, “Love your son and daughter. Give them good knowledge and education.” After thirteen days my mother died. My father for a long time was like a mad man. We didn’t know our mother was dead at that time.

For one year we were hospitalised and the doctor gave us cream to put on our faces. After one year, my daddy searched for a school for my brother and me and my daddy found one. After that, I started my study in this school, Bright Horizon Children’s Home. Now my daddy has found a job. In the future, I will see my father and I will take care of my father. I will become a nurse and I will serve poor people.


Urgen Sherpa

In a beautiful village called Sikkum, there was once born a little baby girl. Her name was Urgen Sherpa. After she was born, her father left her. So, she started to live with her mother. Slowly, time passed. When she was two years old her mother came to Kathmandu in search of a job. When her mother was in Kathmandu, Urgen was cared for by a girl who was just five years older than her.

After a year, her mother went back to Sikkum to take Urgen to Kathmandu. When she came to Kathmandu, she was only three years old. And she joined a school called Bright Horizon Children’s Home. She grew day by day and she reached eleven years old. To her surprise, her mother told her that her father was back. She was excited and shocked. Then she began to live in a family whose members were her father, her mother, and only her.

When she was fifteen years old, she suffered from tuberculosis. She took medicine for TB for about one year. When she was suffering from that disease, her mother was also suffering from that disease. But when her mother started to take medicine, she suffered from another disease called jaundice, which she had already had in the past. Her mother became badly sick. She was admitted to a hospital. Then, after a month, she left her father and the girl all alone in this world.

Then this girl’s struggle of life began. She was also not fully well. She still took medicine. After two months, she had an operation on her lungs. Then she was admitted into a hospital. She missed many of her classes. Her father also married another woman. After many days, she was discharged from the hospital and now, she again returned back to her real home, Bright Horizon. Because of this, all she has is only the present in her life. She has a very dark future. And she was trying to make her future very clear.


Devimaya Tamang

My name is Devimaya Tamang. I am from Dhading [a district in central Nepal]. I am in grade 7. My hobbies are to play guitar, drums, flute and basketball. My aim is to be a doctor. But it is so difficult to be a doctor. In our school I have so many best friends. My best friend’s name is all, because they all love me. That’s why I feel so happy. And then, my unhappy life story is when I was in my village. Then, my stepmother scolded me daily and beat me. But now I feel so happy. Sometimes, I sit in the window and look outside and sing lonely. I feel very shy to do anything. Why? I don’t have any reason. When I leave my school, then I will feel so sad. Then I won’t have any friends to play with or make jokes. But just now I have so many friends in our school. I like my life story very much, because just now, all love me. I get the chance to play and eat, and so many facilities. In the future, when I search for work, I will become a great person. Then, I will revenge my stepmother. I hate my stepmother. But my last goal is not to hate anyone.



One warm morning, a cute little girl was playing in a beautiful garden with birds, animals, and butterflies. Her name was Cristi. She was born in a small village in Nepal in 1996. She loved playing with animals in the garden, watching the moon at night, and she loved to stay in a peaceful environment reading novels. When someone disturbed her while she was reading, then she got very angry. But she hid her anger inside herself and gave a smile to them. She had a great dream of being a good beautician, a great basketballer, and a perfect doctor. Do you think she will get her goal? Could she be successful in her life? Could she be able to get what she wants??? In school she practiced basketball a lot to make her dreams come true. Though it was very difficult for her to get up early in the winter morning, she did that to become a basketballer. She asked her teacher about diseases and learned about biology to become a doctor.

After SLC [School Leaving Certificate], she will take beautician training and work hard there. She will learn much more and become a good beautician. Then, she will join the college. It will be difficult for her to adjust to the college for the first weeks. After that, she will make lots of friends there. She will play basketball with her friends in her free time. There, she will become the best basketballer of the college.

Now, her last dream is left to come true. So, she will work hard and concentrate on her studies. After three years of hard work and labour, she will finally get her goal, and be a doctor. All of her dreams will come true.

It was she, a small village girl, who was successful to get her dreams. Still, so many people are unable to get success in life.


Kisan Limbu

Once upon a time, there was a boy whose name was Kisan Limbu. The boy which I am going to write about is me. I was born in 1996. There was a happy family of mine. My family is so poor too but happy. The head of my family is my father and my mother is so pretty and kind. But she is so strict, but she loved me more than her life. I had only one brother and he loved me so much. He was not just my brother, he was my childhood friend too. He saved me from bad guys.

I have so many dreams in my life but I don’t know if they will come true or not. Whatever. It does not matter. My dream is to be a scientist and I want to travel and I want to invent so many good things and take care of the people. I want to visit so many places and travel to the places where I have never been.

I am afraid of myself because I am a bad guy.

If I had a million dollars I would like to spend it in every part of my life. I will keep my whole family in happiness. And I would like to spend it in social services and I can also buy a beautiful house and a car. Then I won’t want anything except food.

If I had a superpower, I would save the world from every problem. I would do my best and I would save people from natural disasters.

If I could meet anyone in the world, I would choose a beautiful girl, just like Selena Gomez. I will tell her I am a fan of you. I am so lucky to meet you.


Deepak Timalsing

Hi, I’m Deepak Timalsing. I’m from Satungal [a village in Kathmandu]. I’m very funny and I’m so friendly. I was born in 1996 in Thapathali, Kathmandu. I’m from a poor family. In my family there are 5 members. I’ve two sisters and a brother. I’m youngest in my family. My mother is the greatest mother in this world. But I hate my father. He always drank a lot and quarrelled with my mother. My father and mother were divorced when I was in junior kindergarden in 2002. That time, my family was in big trouble.

My mother was so upset she couldn’t pay all the fees of our school and she admitted us in government school. When my parents were divorced I was very small, but after six years I came to understand all my family’s problems. Before that I didn’t know what I was seeing.

When I was in sixth class, I began to play cricket and I love cricket. I can forget everything, but cricket was in my mind and it was in every part of my body. In 2010, our team participated in a cricket tournament we won the tournament and I became man of the series. That was the best day of my life.

At this stage I’m able to understand everything and my aim is to be a great cricketer and I want to be a rich person and want to establish a fund for poor people. And I will name it from my mother’s name. My hobby is also dancing and singing. I want to show my father what I am.

If I had any superpower I might make a machine which can read the mind of every living being. So, I am not so sad about my life because I have such a kind-hearted mom, she always teach that we must support the truth and I’m so afraid of the dark. And she always be with me when I need help. And I only want to teach a lesson to my father.

And I’m so proud that I was born in this family and I’m Nepali.


Laxman Shahi

Once there was a boy named Laxman. He was born in a medium sized family in a rural area of Nepal. When he was a baby of approximately two years, his mother had his small brother. So it was very difficult for his mother. At that time, women were taken as servant of the house, so his mother didn’t get a chance to rest after giving birth. So his mother suffered from some sort of disease. Then the villages didn’t allow his mother to give milk to him. So he was cared for by his grandmother.

When he grew up, he went to a government school with his small brother. It was known that he lacks leadership from his two examples. Firstly, he failed to control his small brother to take him to school and was even unable to rear the cattle. When the Maoists began to make the people suffer, his father decided to send him to Kathmandu, capital city of Nepal.

It was a very very interesting day for him because he was going to Kathmandu. He wished to be there. Then when he and his father were waiting for the airplane, he got lost. Initially, he was interested and caught up by the amazing airplane. He stepped his leg towards the airplane. He was observing the wings, wheel, and other parts of the airplane but suddenly a monster-like creature picked up him and dropped him far from the airplane. That was a worker/controller. When he turned back to return, a line of closely built houses puzzled him. He was astonished. He lost his way. Then he began to run here and there. He tried many ways but didn’t find his way. So at last despondent Laxman began to weep producing a loud sound. He walked where his feet stepped. Then fortunately he was caught by his father’s friend. When they submitted him to his upset father, he slapped him on both red cheeks. Then on the airplane he landed in Kathmandu. On every moment he began to question his father pointing to everything and the towers. He pointed to the electric pole and asked, “What is that father, will that kill us?” His father replied in an angry voice, “Yes, yes they will eat you up, don’t look at that if he saw you he will eat you up. Now don’t ask me anything.” Then Laxman was directly admitted to Bright Horizon. There his days of knowledge began. Now he has become independent.

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