Selected responses in social media

Selected responses in social media

Thank you for your overwhelming support following the announcement that Himal Southasian will suspend its publication from November 2016.

Responses on Twitter

Gautam Mukhopadhaya ‏@gmukhopadhaya 

@MaliniP @Himalistan Sad to hear. Wish the Trust and the editorial board the resilience to overcome hurdles and resume publication.

Steve Herman ‏@W7VOA 

#Nepal‘s deteriorating media environment of concern, says @StateDept, reacting to pending @Himalistan shutdown.


#Nepal’s @Himalistan to shut down, cites “the use of the arms of bureaucracy to paralyze its functioning.”

Malini Parthasarathy ‏@MaliniP 

Very sad that Himal is felled by vicious targeting from political forces. It is a voice of sanity in South Asia!

Harinder Singh ‏@1Force  10h10 hours ago

.@Himalistan is one unique South Asian news outlet that covered Sikh and Panjabi issues. What a loss! #censorship #Nepal

Edith Mirante ‏@EdithMirante 

Hope brilliant @Himalistan can overcome Nepal obstruction, continue covering region. They check facts, print truth.

Mukesh Rawat ‏@mukeshrawat705 

A big loss for South Asia and anyone interested in the region. Proud that I once contributed 2 it. May u return soon

Sandip Roy ‏@sandipr 

This is tragic. Censorship by paralysis. Himal Southasian magazine to suspend publication  via @himalistan

Charles Haviland ‏@cfhaviland 

1) Renowned pan-South-Asian Himal mag @Himalistan says suspending operations from November as #Nepal state has “paralyse[d] its functioning”

2) Himal mag @Himalistan regrets that #Nepal‘s political class getting “less committed to open society”. Statement:

A S Panneerselvan ‏@CholamandalPann 

@Himalistan if Nepal fails to provide a platform for Southasia no one else can. Hope Himal comes back soon and strong


“Himal Southasian to suspend publication” = sad news, indeed. . Please return soon!

Little Book of Kabul ‏@LBofK 

A very sad news in a time when integrity in journalism is much much needed.

V.V. Ganeshananthan ‏@V_V_G 

I’m very sorry this morning to hear that @Himalistan is ceasing publication. One of my first published stories appeared in their pages. I recently visited a prison to do some guest-teaching and one of the prisoners had Googled me and read it. That was the first story I put up for workshop as an MFA student. About, among other things, faith, feminism, and menstruation. More importantly, I loved that this prisoner in Minnesota was reading @Himalistan!

Nirmal Ghosh ‏@karmanomad 

Silenced : Himal Southasian, one of the best, to suspend publication. #Nepal  via @himalistan #media

bikash sangraula ‏@writerbikash 

@Himalistan silenced in Nepal, a leader of free press since 1990, perhaps no longer  via @himalistan

Ryan Conlon ‏@JconlonRyan 

Terrible news. The importance of Himal simply can’t be overstated.

Mirza Waheed ‏@MirzaWaheed 

This is incredibly sad. Such a fine publication. I hope it returns soon.

David Lunn ‏@DJLdistraction 

Suspension of @Himalistan shows censorship operates in many ways, incl the slow banality of bureaucratic obstruction

Raza Ahmad Rumi ‏@Razarumi 

The bureaucracy in #Nepal successfully silenced this quality #Southasian journal. I was a contributing editor once.

Barbote_Ilam ‏@Illameli 

It is indeed a sad news: @Himalistan serving a phenomenal purpose being shut down due to non cooperation from state @KanakManiDixit

Salil Tripathi ‏@saliltripathi 

Salil Tripathi Retweeted Himal Southasian. Very sad development.

Bhanu Joshi ‏@beejoshi 

Unexpected news – Himal decides to suspend publication. The only magazine with a truly south Asian perspective.

Thomas Bell ‏@BellThomasBell 

A blow against Nepali media. Himal suspended citing “the use of the arms of bureaucracy to paralyze its functioning”

Giovanna Gzoli ‏@gggioli 

Shameful, a great magazine @Himalistan being silenced not by overt #censorship but “use of the arms of bureaucracy”

Tanmoy Sharma ‏@tanmoysharma01 

End of @Himalistan is a very sad moment, points to the imminent end of a vibrant, transnational imagination for South Asia.

Apoorva Sahay ‏@asahay_02 

This is terribly sad. Choking independent media and CSOs through state structures points to a withering democracy.

La.Lit ‏@LaLitmag 

La.Lit expresses regret over @Himalistan decision to suspend publication, in support of #freepress #freedomofspeech

Shubhanga Pandey ‏@ShubhangaP 

Suspension of @Himalistan will be a real loss for Southasia & Nepal. Hope the suspension will be temporary setback.

Vijay Prashad ‏@vijayprashad 

Sad days. @Himalistan is suspended. I’ve written there since ’90s & been on editorial team. Great publication.

Sanjana Hattotuwa ‏@sanjanah 

This is very sad. Loved reading @Himalistan for many years. Models to support independent media desperately needed!

Nalaka Gunawardene ‏@NalakaG 

Sad: @Himalistan, pioneering mag. promoting ‘cross-border journalism’ in #Southasia, to suspend publication in Nov …

Sujeev Shakya ‏@sujeevshakya 

Read with a heavy heart that #HimalSouthasian will suspend publications from #November2016. @Himalistan

IndexCensorshipMag @Index_Magazine

Using paperwork slowdown to force #Nepal ‘s Himal Southasian newspaper to close?…

Yogendra Yadav @_YogendraYadav

Sad. Himal has been perhaps the only truly south asian magazine. @Himalistan…

Mallika Aryal @mikaness

If I know @Himalistan at all, this is a temporary setback. In solidarity with the excellent team. Stay strong.

Haziq Qadri @haziq_qadri

Nepali State Agencies Force Himal Magazine to Suspend Operations:… @Himalistan

Dikshya Thapa @deethapa

Regressive elements in state force Himal Southasian to discontinue! No democratic voices inside state opposing this?

Mohamed Junayd @mjunayd

Outlets in #Maldives will follow. “Silenced: Himal Southasian to suspend publication. #Nepal via @Himalistan #media

Manjushree Thapa @manjushreethapa

I really hope the swift public outcry against the suspension of @Himalistan results in a reversal

Beena Sarwar @beenasarwar 

#Nepal #media #democracy under threat – US @StateDept on pending #HimalSouthasian @himalistan suspension

Yola Verbruggen @yolaverbruggen

Sad to hear @Himalistan forced to suspend operations, such a great publication: … via @thewire_in

Mohamed Junayd @mjunayad

In solidarity with fellow journalists at @Himalistan. Sad day for South Asian media to see Himal stop its publication over gov intervention.


Ajaya Bhadra Khanal @akhanal

Nepali state and bureaucracy is still a means of extraction and control, not a service provider accountable to the people. #himal

Pratyoush Onta @pratyoushonta

I wrote my first article for HImal in 1992 My best one – on Gurkha dukha – published in 1994…


Responses on Facebook

Mukesh Rawat

In my small career as a freelance journalist, Himal Southasian has been the only organisation which-
a) Acknowledges your submission.
b) Goes through a thorough round of fact checking.
c) Informs you about the changes they have made while editing.
d) Asks you if you are fine with the changes and if there are any concerns.
e) In advance informs you about the amount you will be paid and the tentative time it will take.
f) Does not forget to send you a courtesy mail even if your write-up is rejected.

What else can a freelancer expect for? #StandWithHimal

Sree Sreenivasan

FREE-PRESS PROBLEMS IN NEPAL: Sad day for Nepal and South Asian press. Note from Himali Dixit. Thinking of Kanak. >>> Himal Southasianmagazine to suspend publication

Hana Shams Ahmed

Terrible news at the time of various forms of censorship in South Asia.

Ashfaq Wares Khan

At a time when South Asia needs more alternative voices, a standard bearer shuts its press. Sad to see it end.

Namit Arora

Bad news for journalism in South Asia. One of the best news and analysis magazines in the Subcontinent is closing down “due to non-cooperation by regulatory state agencies in Nepal that has made it impossible to continue operations after 29 years of publication.” I’ve met several members of their team (I’ve published seven essays in it over the years) and they are all very decent and committed journalists and editors with high standards. Hope they can revive Himal at some point, perhaps from another location in South Asia.

Beena Sarwar

Sad news #media #SouthAsia But Himal has suspended publication before too, and returned better, stronger

Preeti Raghunath

This is tragic, and only showcases the crises that the current times are, in the larger Southasian region and beyond.

Anuraag Baruah

This is really sad. Himal was one of the first places, I wrote. Himal Southasian decides to shut down ‘due to non-cooperation by regulatory state agencies in Nepal that has made it impossible to continue operations after 29 years of publication.’ Independent and uncompromising strong voices are being increasingly forced to shut down. This is a worrying trend. These are dangerous times, indeed.