The Southasia Trust

The Southasia Trust

Himal Southasian is published by the not-for-profit The Southasia Trust.  The Trust also runs Film Southasia (FSA) and Hri Institute for Southasian Research and Exchange (Hri).

Film Southasia (FSA)
Organised for the last 12 years by Himal Southasian, FSA is one festival that takes in the sweep of non-fiction audio-visual productions being made across Southasia. FSA has helped energise the development of the documentary genre, take it to a wider audience, as well as nurture new talent through the mixing of filmmakers divided by nationality, experience, technique and discipline. FSA is held every two years at a venue in Kathmandu. The festival showcases films on Southasian themes or subjects.

HRI Institute For Southasian Research and Exchange
In Buddhism, “Hri” is a sound or a vibration, the utterance of which awakens the empathy that is an inherent part of every sentient being

The challenges before the people of Southasia must be tackled at the local, national and regional level, and yet the last aspect has yet to receive serious consideration. There can be little disagreement that geopolitical friction, poverty and pressing environmental issues as well as cultural and social dislocation must be addressed through the regional framework. The overarching ultra-nationalism nurtured by each of the national elites in the countries of Southasia has, however, ensured that regionalism remains a prisoner of platitude. There is a need to revive and energise discussions of regionalism on the platform of mainstream politics, public information and research, with a dynamic Southasian sensibility. Hri Institute for Southasian Research and Exchange is a unit of the Southasia Trust, Kathmandu Nepal. The Hri endeavour, besides the more overt political issues of cross-border relevance, will focus on culture, music, literature and the performing arts. Hri emerged out of the need for serious scholarship in the arenas of political and culture over a longer time frame than allowed by journalism. The findings of this research will be published as ‘tracts’ or monographs that will be placed before scholars and policymakers. This attempt to animate the intellectual and cultural space in Southasia will also find expression through conferences and networking activities.

The Southasia Trust
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